Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

1779... AND International Shipping Update!
3 months ago
by Westley Coleman


THE climax of the United States Revolutionary War, 


the number of orders we have shipped thus far...

Hey bookish friends
As I am writing this, we have shipped precicely 1779 shipments. We are thrilled by their reception. See the social media tags below.  

International Shipping Update

In order to avoid the mishandling of orders amidst the chaos of Christmas shipping logistics, we are going to begin shipping to international backers starting in January. Shipping internationally can feel like murphys law... and so we want to make the process as swift and straightforward as possible for everyone. 

A few important details for our international backers.

Receiving your package will mostly likely require action on your part. Most United States shipping providers hand-off packages to your local postal service. Your courier may try to contact you via phone call or email to pay customs fees/verify information. OR there may be a point in the tracking updates when the updates have stopped. The majority of the time, this means that your local post office has your package, and is waiting for you to come retrieve it.

 Your local courier cannot update the tracking becasue they are totally disconnected from our systems. So be prepared! You may have to present yourself to your local courier with a valid ID in order to retrieve your package. Let us know if you have any questions. 

We will do our best to make sure all of you wonderful people receive your items! We are so thankful for you. 

We will check in again soon! 
Much love
-Westley & team

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