Here’s what to expect next
4 months ago
by Zachary Sweet
Thank you for supporting Scatterbrained which was 1 of 20 projects participating in Pintopia 2023. Thanks to your support 100% of the projects were fully funded!

There are a few next steps I wanted to share:

  1. Expect an email letting you know your payment has been charged. If there are any issues with your payment we will notify you with next steps.

  2. We will need to collect some additional info such as your pin selections and shipping information before we send rewards. In the coming weeks we will send you a survey to collect that information.

  3. Since all Pintopia projects were 100% funded, you will be getting a FREE Pintopia 2023 pin from BackerKit. And if you backed 3+ pins you’ve earned some additional pins. Stay tuned for more information from BackerKit about how you will receive those pins.

Again, thanks for your support and stay tuned for more information soon.

Zachary Sweet

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