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Get Ready for Battle Field Ops! Tactical Game System for Modern Miniatures

by 5th Epoch Publishing and Media, LLC

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Battle Field Ops! has been enjoyed by customers and improved from their feedback since 2018. Our grand tactical 1-to-1 scale miniatures game system is set up for post-industrial conflicts of the 20th century. After a smashing release in 2017 under another name, we persistently received player requests for expanded collections, which we fulfilled!

But we wanted to take some time to do it even better. And, after a long-awaited 24 months of refinement - we are back! This crowdfunding campaign is post-development,  focusing only on the production of revised, high-quality materials which include the revised Core Rulebook in print, playing components and markers, a collection of over 50 stunning 8 ½ x 11” Unit Cards, and expanded play PDF supplements.
The setting is the Cold War of the 1970sa much overlooked time period in the current wargaming market. Our scenario, “Fangs of the Red Bear, 1978” is a Soviet incursion into northern West Germany and Denmark. There are force unit cards for The Soviet Union, Britain, West Germany, the United States included at various levels of the crowdfunding campaign (with a few Top Secret surprises added!).  

Immediate game expansions will follow the course of what customers have demanded - the Arab-Israeli Wars, Vietnam, World War II, and Gulf War 1991 and beyond!

Note: miniatures are not included

Can we count on your pledge?

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