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Get Ready for the third issue of Temerity!

by Jemma Young Studios

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2019 I launched the Kickstarter to print the first issue of Temerity: Sayonara with co-creator, Chad Hardin. It was a smashing success! It was followed by a second successful campaign to get the second issue printed. During that time, the comic was posted online for free on Webtoons. In a matter of months Temerity gained a readership of over 50,000 with over a score over 9.6! 

But every project has its hiccups. After the second issue was crowdfunded and fulfilled, the artist, Chad Hardin, parted ways and the project seemed dead in the water with no artist. With much sadness, I dropped Temerity with little hope of getting it back off the ground. 

But in 2023 I obtained full rights to Temerity and now it's back! I've been working hard to get this project back off the ground. I've found an artist and got production back up and going. But I need one crucial thing to keep it going: Funding.

This campaign aims to fund the the printing of issue 3, which will be drawn by Light Comic Studio, as well as the reprinting of issues 1&2. These new reprints will have some of the beautiful art by Chad Hardin as well as some brand new content by Light Comic Studio. Issue 1 will contain 12 new comic pages of content that I'm sure you'll enjoy! Both books 1 & 2 will have brand new covers for their 2nd edition versions as well as options of the old original variant covers.

The Story:

The Daigen Project altered Taeru’s DNA when he was just four years old. Now he’s an 18-year-old super-soldier with formidable skills and hardly any experience with the outside world. When his best friend, Sky, suddenly disappears with no explanation, Taeru refuses to believe she’s actually dead. During an unexpected attack from the Enlightenment, Taeru uses the attack as a diversion to escape and search for her.

Temerity: The Runaway Interiors
But escape is not that easy. He finds himself aboard the Temerity and must now prove his worth to stay. But the Captain, Edith McKarmick, knows harboring a Daigen could lead to the death of her crew. Will she turn him back over to the Daigen Project for a reward? Or risk being found by the Enlightenment, a radical organization that hunts down and kills his kind and anyone who protects them?

Come enjoy the incredible story of mechas, brain hacking, and terrible pun t-shirts. The result is a high-adventure intergalactic romp with a heavy dose of humor and a whole lot of temerity!

Here are some of the rewards from our last campaign that will be available during this one:
1st edition printings of The Runaway will be available during this campaign. Pricing may vary.

Issue #1 will contain an extra 12 pages of content! Pricing may vary for variant covers.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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