Get Ready for Beautifully organize your handbag with Cindy-Kay Sacchettos

by Cindy-Kay

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Meet Sacchettos: The beautiful way to organize your handbag.

✓ Organize your belongings in your handbag | ✓ Use the sacchetto as a clutch. | ✓Pick your size & color

Sacchettos solve the handbag organization problem and more . . .

  • help you organize the items in your handbag
  • find things quicker
  • make it easy to switch handbags without forgetting anything
  • keep your valuables safe from pickpockets
  • double as a clutch

The sacchettos have a magnetic closure that can be easily opened with one hand. This makes finding things a breeze. 

High-Grade Pebble Leather

Our introductory collection features sacchettos made with black high-grade pebble leather. A NEW option is white pebble leather. The floral image on each sacchetto is either a yellow mum or pink hibiscus. Future collections will feature gray and pink leather. Also NEW is an inside lining pocket to hold your license or credit cards.

We're Cindy-Kay

After years of research and prototyping, we are thrilled to bring you the Sacchetto through Cindy-Kay. It was critical to us for the materials to be the highest quality and to be made in the U.S.A. Our supplier partners are well respected and excited to be working with us.

Cindy-Kay is structured to sustainably grow as a company while supporting three women's causes in the future.

Three Women's Causes (Future Donations)

Sex Trafficking Survivor Recovery and Education
Sex trafficking is an abhorrent reality. Many of us understand it is happening but don't know how to make a difference. It is such a complex, challenging area that we decided to support an organization who is making a difference through education, action and survivor recovery. Supporting our campaign and buying our products is a way you can help make a difference too. We support The Foundation United, formerly the Selah Way Foundation.

Women's Shelters
We are also funding women's shelters starting with the Joy House at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Many of us will never have to experience being in the terrifying situation where you must choose to leave your home for safety and a better life. If you imagine that being the situation of your own family member, then you will feel the need to help. We want to help brave women and children start off a better life. Many shelters are poorly funded and need more resources to create a welcoming environment. We hope to make a difference through our donations and plan to offer funding to many more shelters across the United States.

Legal Aid
Legal aid is another area where we hope to help women feel empowered. Unfortunately, many women are in a difficult legal situation if they choose divorce. Many times the assets are not liquid or they don't have any money of their own. We want to help women have the freedom to choose if they need an attorney for a divorce, child support or other legal need.

Beauty and joy through our SACCHETTOS, kindness and compassion and empowerment through our CAUSES are what we stand for. 

You can help by supporting our campaign to launch Cindy-Kay Sacchettos.

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