Flight Satchel 2.0 - Heirloom Quality Laptop Bag For Those Who Travel Light

by Allegory Goods

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A Big Idea...

The Flight Satchel started with a simple question. Could we make a heirloom quality leather bag more affordable without cutting corners? Many traditional leathercraft bags made to these standards retail in the $300-$600 range. We wanted to see if a modern and minimalist design approach could bring it in at a fraction of that while keeping the most valuable features. And it worked. Our customers loved the Flight Satchel.

What's Next?

Over the years we've gotten feedback from customers as to how we could improve this bag. We've turned all that feedback into a whole collection of flight satchels, and we're launching them with a crowdfunding project so our backers can help us dial in each of the four new designs. We have two styles: Mailbag (vertical) and Messenger (horizontal). And two sizes to fit both you and your devices.

Backer Exclusives!

The folks who help us make this happen are going to get some awesome perks:
  • Exclusive crowdfunding pricing on the collection and add-ons. 
  • Tons of behind-the-scenes looks at the collection.
  • First access to the new designs. 
  • The option to create a completely custom Flight Satchel to your size specifications and pocket design.

About Allegory

Allegory has 20+ successful crowdfunding projects serving over 5,000 backers. And thousands more awesome customers from allegorygoods.com. Here are a few comments from our past backers:

"I received my A5 Portfolio, Pocket Journal, and Wallet today. The quality is second to none. I could not be happier with any of the items. I read the note that came with it and gave immediate and multiple [leather care] treatments and it already looks amazing. I look forward to many years of use ahead! Thank you so much!"

- Benjamin Hammerich, Superbacker

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great campaign. Your product turned out awesome, my dad loved the pen we backed for his xmas present. Your communication was excellent and you took us on the journey with you. Job well done!"

- Steve Camp, Superbacker

"The Long Haul leather wrapped ink pen and notebook are outstanding.  The workmanship is unparalleled. I participated in the project with the thought of giving it to my wife for her birthday. I am not sure I can part with it now. I should have gotten two!"

- Daryl, Kickstarter Backer

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