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Legends never die... They are retold!

by Greater Than Games

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Monarch City is under siege. High, strong walls guard the castle against those who seek to destroy this bastion of civilization. But! Walls may crumble under the might of stampeding armies and deadly bosses what brave heroes could step forward to take on the hordes of minions? Who could save us from the demonic imps? The endless waves of skeletons and goblins? The cultists summoning the fearsome ice dragon? We face absolute destruction if you cannot save the realm!

Four of those brave and clever heroes are Fera the Barbarian, Vitalia the Rogue, Samil the Ranger, and Krohl the Mage! With their character panels and action cards, each hero brings their own special attacks and defense to save the land and defend Monarch City.

Fera slashes and stomps her way through enemies, Samil’s precise arrows shoot from afar, Vitalia lurks in the darkness to strike deadly blows, and Krohl aids his fellows with magic portals and other arcane tricks. Working together, they might just be able to strike down the terrifying bosses who march closer and closer to Monarch City with every turn… 

Gri the Goblin King, Sapphire the Enduring Cold, Azzoz the Accursed, and Dianara the Lich Queen all have the same dreadful plan: bring down the walls of Monarch City, shatter the dreams of peace and prosperity, and take control of the realm. Each boss brings their own set of woes to our heroes. Gri steals from rich and poor alike to strengthen his defense. Dianara raises endless skeletons and drives her undead army forward relentlessly. Can you survive Sapphire’s frozen breath? Or reverse the curses that Azzoz raises? Can you be the epic hero that Monarch City needs?

The  bosses control their minions to do their bidding and overrun the realm: Goblins, Cultists, Imps, and Skeletons that all protect their bosses. They must be slain before a finger can be laid upon the real enemies of Monarch City. They may not be tough individually, but when there are many, the world threatens to be overrun by their irksome kind.

And there are even more miniatures in addition to all of the great heroes, bosses, and minions. Towers, taverns, gates, ice, curses, and more. There are over 100 miniatures in the game ranging from creatures to buildings, plus 50 coins for in-game currency to spend on re-rolling dice.

Every day begins with Dawn where players draw their hands of cards and special hero actions take place, Day where players take their actions simultaneously to battle minions and bosses alike, Dusk where players total their cards played to count towards the Darkness tracker, and finally Dark where the bosses get to move, add their minions, and get that much closer to destruction… unless you can intervene.

Slay minions and defeat their boss to gain ultimate victory… Save Monarch City in Defenders of the Realm!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 2,471 other people!

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