Get Ready for Isle of the Dreaded Accursed: Cypher System

by Mr.Tarrasque

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A Titanic Sea Spider attacks Mountainfoot's naval fleet

Welcome to the Isle of the Dreaded Accursed! A collaboration between Mr.Tarrasque, JVC Parry, and Nord Games. This fantasy adventure was originally written and published for 5th edition. With this campaign MrTarrasque, and a small team of enthusiasts, want to translate it in to the Cypher System. Including all monster stat blocks, challenges and magic items.

A skeletal dragon blocks the way to the altar of the evil sea goddess Elvirath

When the sea goddess Elvirath discovered that her high priest had become obsessed with necromancy, she unleashed her wrath.

Her once beautiful temple was desecrated, filled with hideous undead that used to be her most devout worshippers.

Ships founder on sharp rocks. Sailors are dying of foul plagues.  Powerful creatures from the deep are surfacing again. It has to stop.

Somebody has to deliver the most valuable sacrifice Elvirath has ever received.

A full cast of characters awaits you:

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