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Get Ready for Pride Angels

by UltraInfinite

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Pride Angels FAQ

What is Pride Angels?

It is my series of angel designs in the colors of different Pride flags. I am planning to make the Pride Angels into stickers, pins, keychains, patches, and lanyards. The campaign is planned for June 2024, after Angelology IV.

You can find all of the planned angels here: part I and part II, and seven guest artist designs will be available to fund as well.

In the spirit of community, Pride Angels will be partnering with Pride Potions by Key and Crow Studios to give backers of both campaigns a pair of freebie pins. Be sure to follow Pride Potions and pledge to both campaigns for these pins. 

Can you draw X for the Pride Angels series?

Before inquiring, please check that your request is not already complete!  I am not taking requests for any new flags at this time, but read on for how you can request a Pride Angel during the pin campaign. After I complete this series this year, I am not planning to make any more Pride Angels.

About the Pride Angels design request pledge tier:

If you would like to request a Pride Angel, I will have a pledge tier available in the pin campaign to pay to request one. Outside these pledge tiers I will not be accepting any requests. Please save your requests for the pin campaign!

If you nab one of the design request pledges, you can request a flag and optionally suggest a theme or inspiration. If I shared a design you liked that I ended up not going with, you could request that too.

Where can I find the 2022 Pride Angels merch?

Most of the past Pride Angels have been discontinued in my main shops, but you can still find them as pins, stickers, keychains, and patches with my stockists.

I liked an old design better. Will the old designs be available during the campaign?

Depending on order quantity I will make the 2022 Pride Angels available as stickers, keychains, pins, and patches. If they don’t meet the order threshold they will not be funded.

Can I draw a Pride Angel too?

Of course, I don’t own angels or Pride flags! If I inspired you I would love to be tagged to see and share your design.

For my complete FAQ and other links, please go here.

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 2,663 other people!

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