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Get Ready for Galaxy Raptor Ita Bags!

by NRW Artz

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Greeting, my name is Luna, I'm an artist with the love of creating new designs constantly. With a large passion for animal and creature designs I can't always choose my favorite. But I have always loved dinosaurs since I was little, growing up with Jurassic Park and as an adult with Jurassic World, raptors have special place in my heart.
I have been an artist for many years, growing along the way from doing commissions on DeviantArt to selling my art at local Conventions. I needed to make a mascot for my art company that wasn't personally my own character so everyone can love on him. I chose to go with a Galaxy design with my love of space and combining it with one of my favorite species!

And thus brings us here with my beloved Galaxy Raptor, we have had as our mascot for a couple of years now and lately he has been getting a lot more love than we were expecting! He started as just a cute little doodle for small announcements, to Stickers, Keychains and even Pins! Now with a few designs of him, he has gained a lot of popularity, we wanted something a little bigger to see how much love he can get! Originally had planned a plush for him in when we were doing our most recent plush: Cthulhu's D20. Unfortunately, we had to keep with just one plash at that time to make it simpler for our first large project. But now we can continue with our raptor as a Bag AND possible Plush too!

The Bag! Now shall we call these "Ita Maw" or "Ita Nom" Bags????
I will be designing a Galaxy Raptor themed ita bag, perfectly displaying a portion of your hoard while on the go! The bag will feature multiple layered pieces, a large viewing window with replaceable board, and many pockets of holding! Featuring many styles for wearing the bag including leg, hip, shoulder, back and even more ways of holding capabilities!

As we progress through our campaign, there is a possibly to add more species in these amazing Bags as extended goals, plus our beloved Galaxy Raptor as a Plush!

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More previews await while our mockup is being made and more extended goal designs are shared! Please do share with friends and family so everyone can come and enjoy our beloved Galaxy Raptor and all the Maw/Nom Ita Bags!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 18 other people!

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