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Dusk approaches... Draw your swords!

by Oliver Hong

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Swords at Dusk is a 4-8 player high class, high stakes social game in which you play a civilized socialite settling your differences the only way the upper crust can-- through the honorable art of dueling!

In Swords at Dusk, players play as a group of high-class socialites in a remote manor, who make a grisly discovery: someone among their number is slowly poisoning them all to death. Players will need to work together to figure out who among them is the deadly killer and bring them to justice!

Social Deduction...

In most social deduction games, you often get into arguments with each other, keep track of lies, and jump through hurdles of logic to try to get some sort of consensus. This leads to a lot of downtime and often leads a casual player to stop paying attention.

...through Civilized Slaughter

However, in Swords at Dusk, if you think you know who the killer is, whether or not anyone agrees with you, you can bring them to justice yourself, you just need to put your own life on the line.

Don't worry though, even if you die, the group as a whole still gets vital information needed to bring the killer to justice; Assuming that the body count doesn't get too high...

So whether you love thinking through games like Among Us, or Town of Salem, or if you crave the catharsis of stabbing the rich without going to prison, come by and play when the game launches this summer!

I challenge you to sign up for updates!

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