Get Ready for Monsters, Maps & Magic Items: Royal Edition

by Roll & Play Press

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We are proud to present Monsters, Maps & Magic Items: Royal Edition – a digital collection of regal items, enemies and VTT-compatible maps for your 5E role-playing games. Give your RPG sessions the royal treatment with: 

New Monsters

Prepare to battle these majestic foes. Each monster also features an illustrated token for your virtual tabletop game.

New Magic Items

Fill your throne room and reward your party with a collection of royal treasures. All items feature stats to help you easily integrate them into your 5E game.

New Maps

Set the scene for a palace showdown with three virtual tabletop compatible battle maps. The maps are 25x25 square and will be delivered as high-res jpegs (gridded and non-gridded) for VTT games.

This selection of beautifully illustrated products can be used in your existing fantasy campaigns or combined to build a majestic one-shot or adventure.

All rewards are digital-only and will be fulfilled in June, shortly after the campaign closes!

This project comes from Roll & Play Press, the ENNIE Award-winning team behind successful Kickstarter projects The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit and The Fantasy Character Kit.

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