Neon Reef

by Snake Toy Games

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The year is 2245

Despite all odds, humanity has entered a new age of eco-conscious prosperity. Scientific advances allow for the creation of the Neon Reef, a techno-paradise floating on the Pacific Ocean.

Draft your factions, place your buildings, and compete for oceanic domination: Welcome to Neon Reef!

Set on a floating aquatic city in the Mid-Pacific, Neon Reef focuses on the first Hydro-Habitat west of the USA. 16 Factions, each with their own unique characteristics, populate this vibrant metropolis. Players work to feed the people, hire experts to their team of legislators, and ensure the city’s prosperity. 

Each game of Neon Reef allows players to choose a new faction, based on a randomized setup, which means no two games are alike. Will Neon Reef become a scientific utopia nurtured by a peaceful group of Botanists, or a hub of offshore cyber-crime overseen by the Glitch Hunters?

  • Combines Tile Placement & Engine Building 
  • Simultaneous Play, but with deep strategy
  • Variable Setup & unique Asymmetric Abilities, so each game is different
  • Competitive -- players build the Neon Reef together, but compete for city-wide dominance

Neon Reef is currently in the playtesting and prototyping phase, and will be launching on BackerKit in mid 2024.

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