Beyond the Beasts: Monster Cards for Endless Adventures!

by Hebridian Tales

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Welcome Adventurers, DMs, GMs, and Story Tellers!  

Prepare to elevate your TTRPG encounters to the next level with these meticulously crafted decks! Immerse yourself in a realm where every card becomes a gateway to unparalleled storytelling and thrilling encounters. Each card is designed to unveil the essence of the monsters you'll encounter on your quests.

With "Beyond the Beasts," bid farewell to tedious referencing of books and welcome a new era of seamless gameplay. Picture this: flipping through a deck to uncover not just stats, but a comprehensive glimpse into the very soul of the monsters themselves!  Dive into their strengths, vulnerabilities, lore, and more - all elegantly laid out for you.

Say goodbye to mundane encounters and hello to an immersive journey where every card holds the key to unlocking awe-inspiring adventures! Unleash your creativity, weave epic tales, and let the "Beyond the Beasts" cards be your guide to endless, unforgettable escapades in the realms of fantasy! 

From dragons to demons, goblins to giants, each card is a masterpiece, specifically designed to fuel your imagination and empower your gameplay. With vivid illustrations and carefully curated information, these cards will transport you directly into the heart of the action, ensuring that your encounters are not just memorable but utterly gripping! 

Prepare to enhance your TTRPG sessions, captivate your fellow adventurers, and unleash unparalleled excitement with "Beyond the Beasts: Monster Cards for Endless Adventures!" Are you ready to embrace the thrill of encountering these fantastical creatures like never before? 

Unlock a trove of gaming riches within each card, crafted to transform your gameplay into an immersive, diverse, and lightning-fast adventure! 
  1. Black & White Artwork Display: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals that vividly bring forth the essence of each featured monster. These illustrations aren't just pictures; they're portals to the very soul of these creatures, etching their presence into your imagination.
  2. Dynamic & Flexible Statblock: Say farewell to the restrictive confines of Challenge Ratings and welcome a new era of flexibility and dynamism! Our Dynamic & Flexible Statblocks redefine encounters by emphasizing combat flow and narrative over rigid numerical values. Picture this: a goblin reacting in the heat of battle, parrying an attack with a surprise twist! It's not just stats; it's a dance of strategy and unpredictability.
  3. Lore & History: Discover the untold stories and ancient legends entwined in each monster's lore & history! Delve deep into the mythos behind these creatures with insights that empower DMs to weave rich storytelling elements into their encounters.  Uncover the secrets that shape these monsters, allowing your players to experience encounters that transcend mere battles and become legendary tales in themselves!
    Deep Bulette's have lived deep in the subterranean world for eons.
  4. Behavioral & Environmental Conditions: Explore the behavioral nuances and environmental conditions that shape a creature's existence! Gain insights into their natural habitats, behaviors, and the environmental factors influencing their actions. Watch as your encounters transform into immersive challenges, demanding strategic thinking and adaptability from your players!
  5. Modifications for Common Variations:  Monsters evolve, and so do encounters! Explore various creature variations within our decks, allowing DMs to customize encounters like never before. Encounter different elemental forms or unique adaptations, challenging players in unexpected and exhilarating ways! The surprises are endless, just like the possibilities!
  6. Lair Actions: Enter the heart of danger with detailed Lair Actions! Prepare for encounters within the monster's lair, where the environment itself is an adversary. These actions aren't just thematic; they're strategic, reshaping the battlefield and forcing players to adapt their tactics. It's not just an encounter; it's a high-stakes game of wits and survival.

"Beyond the Beasts" aims to empower Dungeon Masters and players alike, fostering creativity and spontaneity in your D&D sessions. With these cards, you'll expand your repertoire of monsters, infuse depth into encounters, and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your campaign!


If you've read this far thank you for taking interest in the project and in us in general. In 2022 we started an actual play homebrew Podcast called "The Hebridian Tales" and while the show has grown, it actually revealed that we love content creation and want to share our philosophy of improvements with other tables.
  • Eric (Project Manager/Lead Designer/Multi-Hatted Monster) has been our DM since the show started and has taken on the mantle of managing most facets of the business.
  • Caitlin (Lorecrafter/Editor) has helped create lore and will be ensuring that all elements of the project have a similar tone and voice when it's all done.
  • Chris (Lorecrafter/Monster Hunter) has been around helping with lore and monster ideas for quite some time for us and has helped integrate monsters into the show's world.
  • We also have incorporated ideas from our cast members from the show and their opinions on the monsters as well, so huge shout-out to them as well... 

We hope to see you at Launch and look forward to being able to print these for you all. In the meantime, be sure to back now to get our first dozen monsters and to send us a monster that you feel needs rebuilt.

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