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Warrenguard is taking flight

by Luck of the Harbor

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Luck of the Harbor. Image Orange Dragon and Caretaker pages. Images subject to change.

You are a Dragonrider. You feel the cold wind rush through your hair as you and your dragon fight the bonds of gravity. Your dragon lifts off from the lofty warrens high above the rest of the world where you make your home. 

Below you is a mountain of living stone set on snuffing out the small flame of humanity you are charged to protect. 

But you are not in the fight alone. At your wing are other riders who will always have your back. You live with them. Train and eat your meals with them. Laugh and cry with them. Together, you are the Warrenguard.

Warrenguard is an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game by Natalie Pudim, author of Sapphic Space Pirates, and published by Luck of the Harbor coming by late 2024. It utilizes a unique system that blends aspects of Belonging outside Belonging games such as Wanderhome with the Fate Accelerated system by Evil Hat. From the mechanics up, it is a game about the fantasy of being a dragonrider, and the reality of how found families form in adversity and carve out comfort in a dangerous life. 

Softcover book

Players will shape a world of floating islands and wilds full of magic and giant monsters with tiny pockets of humanity under the protection of dragonriders.  Choose between five rider archetypes that define your role on the team: Old-Timer, Fresh Face, Ace, Outsider and Caretaker. Be paired with one of twelve dragon species with unique traits and personalities. Perhaps your companion will be a fierce and deadly red dragon with fiery breath, or a regal purple dragon with wings that leave storms in their wake. Tell your story with 15 chapters that make session planning a breeze.

Image: Caretaker character pages. Images subject to change.

"I haven't been this excited for a game in years. The gameplay captures a distinct balance of connection and individuality that feels so real even while steeped in the fantastic. It hooks you so quickly, you'll always be looking to the next session." Brian A Liberge, Games on Demand

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Ready to become a Dragonrider?

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