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Get Ready for Drinking Quest: Belch of the Wild

by Jason Anarchy


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It's a Drinking Game and a Tabletop RPG!

Belch of the Wild is perfect for brand new players and existing fans alike!

Fight monsters, find treasure, but when your hero dies you must chug the remainder of your drink in real life. The stakes are real!

This game features four main quests and all kinds of bonus content. New quests include:

1. Dryrule: Be the life of the party in the scenic land of Dryrule
2. Hotdog Factory: Chuglox & Friend are running a wiener factory and doing a terrible job
3. Fishing: Drinking and Fishing go together really well. Our heroes will find a way to ruin it.
4. Murder Mystery: One of the heroes IS THE MURDERER! But which one???

Belch of the wild introduces the new "Annoying Sidekick" system which adds custom character creation by picking a hero and matching them with an Annoying Sidekick.

This will easily be the best game in the Drinking Quest series and is a fresh jumping on point for new players. (And if you want to play the first six games, add a copy of Drinking Quest: Six Pack onto your order)


Join 524 other people!

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