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Get Ready for Ronda Rousey's Expecting the Unexpected

by AWA Studios

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160-Page Graphic Novel | Written by Ronda Rousey & Art by Mike Deodato, Jr.

Her codename: “Mom.” With a fake baby bump filled with guns, she’s built a reputation as one of the deadliest hit-women on the planet. But on the verge of her big break in the criminal underworld, Mom makes a fateful decision: sleeping with a potential target (who just so happens to be a top-ranked assassin himself). What follows is a wild mashup of action, adventure, comedy, and romance as a newly pregnant Mom with a bounty on her head fights off wave-after-wave of assassins, falls in love with her baby daddy, and decides how to face her personal and professional predicament.

“I felt like I had to tell this story, because Expecting the Unexpected pulls from the most important parts of my life: motherhood, my career as a fighter, and fun action movies."
— Ronda Rousey

UFC & WWE champion, Olympic medalist, and Hollywood actress Ronda Rousey has stepped out of the ring and into the world of comics. AWA, the indie publisher of bold, original stories from the world’s most outstanding creators, will give die-hard fans first access to this title through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Rousey’s graphic novel debut, Expecting the Unexpected.

Penned by Rousey and edited by Axel Alonso, AWA Chief Creative Officer and former Editor-and-Chief at Marvel, with art by Eisner and Ringo Award-winning comic book artist Mike Deodato, Jr. (AVENGERS, NOT ALL ROBOTS, WONDER WOMAN), the graphic novel draws on Rousey’s incredible career in the ring and pairs it with Deodato’s martial arts background to create the most accurate and action-packed fight scenes in comics!

The book sets a new bar for authenticity of fight scenes through a unique creative process developed by Ronda Rousey, Mike Deodato Jr., and AWA.


Through Kickstarter, AWA gives fans the opportunity to take part in special Kickstarter exclusives that include premium rewards for the biggest Ronda Rousey’s fans. Plus, throughout her career as a global superstar, Rousey has built a huge fan base around the world and Kickstarter allows fans to support this debut in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Expecting the Unexpected will launch on Kickstarter in late-July.

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