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The World of Warcraft Diary: 2nd Printing

by John Staats

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What is the WoW Diary? 

  • Over 100 never before seen images from the development of WoW
  • 300+ beautiful pages detailing the process for creating the largest MMO ever
  • Behind the curtain look at interpersonal experiences working at Blizzard
  • Each copy comes with a 80-page Post-Mortem booklet of essays expanding on philosophies covered in The WoW Diary. This will not be available anywhere else. 

"This book really embodies the heart and soul of warcraft and what it took to make this game" -Melderon and Defcamp TV

The World of Warcraft Diary, offers a rare, unfiltered, comprehensive look at game development. I start at WoW’s humble beginnings, and give a fly-on-the-wall access to the dev team’s conversations, debates, failed experiments, and internal pressures.

We want to get this book into the hands of as many WoW Fanatics and aspiring game developers as possible and we can only do that with YOUR help! If you want to know the TRUE HISTORY behind World of Warcraft. This book is for you.

Licensed by Blizzard Entertainment, it contains over 130 behind-the-scenes images (many of which have never been seen before). Every image is captioned and dated within the project's timeline.

I am celebrating the chaotic, humorous, and ugly side of computer game development. I covered the people and philosophies behind the curtain. If you’ve ever wanted to know the ingredients inside Blizzard’s secret sauce, this book is for you.

The companion book contains four postmortem articles about WoW’s post-launch woes and triumphs. The new material covers philosophies I learned at Blizzard that didn’t belong in the original book. The new articles include advice to aspiring developers and thoughts about success in the entertainment industry. The companion book is one-fifth the size of The WoW Diary. "The WoW DIary Post-Mortem Booklet will not be available online or in stores."

WoW's First Looted Corpse!

I’m partnering with Nolan Nasser and Source Point Press, an experienced distributor who can get copies into your hands better than I can. Nolan is a rabid Blizzard fan, and he painted an excellent desk mat, which we’ll make exclusive to The WoW Diary’s second-edition backers.

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Can we count on your help inspiring the next generation of developers?

Join 2,534 other people!

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