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Get Ready for Murders at Lorelahc Manor (5E)

by Andie Margolskee

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An invitation to Lorelahc Manor is a rare thing. What will you do with yours?

An invitation to Lorelahc Manor is a rare thing. What will you do with yours?
Murders at Lorelahc Manor contains two 5e murder mystery adventures inspired by works like Clue and Knives Out. The adventures can be run on their own or together as a short campaign (about five 3-hour sessions) for four player characters with an average party level of 3, 5, or 7. Solve the mysteries by sleuthing or by schmoozing and treat your players to a masquerade ball they won't soon forget.

The rewards and add-ons available are:
  • Two intricate murder mysteries in a beautifully illustrated 90+ page module.
  • Out of Time, an introductory murder mystery adventure that can be used on its own or to set up the events of the full Murders at Lorelahc Manor campaign.
  • 6 immersive maps depicting a lavish subterannean manor!
  • 6 new items, 10 new monsters, and an array of cunning villains with unique murder weapons!
  • Custom token borders styled after ornate painting frames ready for VTTs!
  • All digital files you need to run the game including handouts, flowcharts, and NPC cheatsheets.
  • A fully integrated Roll20 module with dynamic lighting, walls, monster stat blocks, and maps ready to play with minimal prep.

Deep underground, Lorelahc Manor sits next to a massive subterranean lake. Strange and wondrous creatures have made their way here through winding waterways connecting the Lorelahc Lake to the ocean.

On the first of two eventful nights, the adventurers are trapped at a murder scene in the infamous Lorelahc Library. By the next morning, the Lady of House is missing and her husband is already dead. What will the second night bring?

Search secret passages and fantastical locations to find her before the rest of the guests arrive and before something even worse happens. Can your party save the party?

You might expect good foresight from an aspiring chronomancer, but don’t mistake Professor Fidbark’s desperation for genius, or his obsession for good planning. Haunted by the mistakes of his past, he frantically works to defeat time itself to undo his first wife’s death. Unfortunately, on the eve of his greatest triumph he hits his greatest setback: his untimely murder. With the library on lockdown, the players race to discover why. In a library that conceals secrets more dangerous than time travel, which of those secrets got him killed?
“Feather fall is all well and good, but what can be done for the egg that’s already cracked?” —Professor Fidbark, in “Chronomancy Chronicles”

Dive into Professor Fidbark’s history, investigate the Manor’s residents, and find what’s lurking in the shelves… before time catches up to you, and the murderer strikes again.
Everyone in Lorelahc Manor holds a secret close. Everyone has a story. While some might share what they’ve seen and heard, others do not appreciate interrogation. Players’ choices — and how the dice fall — make all the difference.

During the five years Fidbark researched time travel at Lorelahc Library, he must have made friends and enemies. Did he have a secret love life? Who was on the other side of all of those loud late-night arguments? Anyone in the Manor could be Professor Fidbark’s killer. The players will have to dissect the relationships and animosity left in Fidbark’s wake.

As invited guests, the players are plunged into a panoply of delights at the famed Abyss Gala. The party is thrown into chaos when Lady Neladrie fails to appear at her own masquerade and her husband is found violently murdered. Help Neladrie’s daughter solve her father’s murder and find her missing mother before scheming guests take advantage of Neladrie’s absence. What other secrets have stayed hidden in Lorelahc Manor?

Tensions are reaching the boiling point, and time is limited. Solve the murder and find Neladrie before chaos breaks loose, all while navigating the schemes of fellow guests…

The module will be fully integrated into the Roll20 VTT and has everything you need to play the adventures.

The Roll20 add-on includes:
  • The full chapter-by-chapter adventure with internal links to make accessing information as easy as possible.
  • All 6 maps ready to go with dynamic lighting, walls, and tokens.
  • Tokens for all 10 new enemies and 20+ NPCs with matching stat blocks and art!
  • 5+ Custom token borders designed to match the painting frames for NPCs!
  • Ready-to-use handouts for notes, letters, lore, and more!

Torchlight and soft music may hide guests from the worst of the underground manor’s secrets — but they do little to soften the hostility of the lake beyond. On the other side of the glass, the eyes of hungry predators watch their potential next meal…

Each mystery includes its own set of intricately-crafted maps, allowing parties to roam the 50+ rooms of Lorelahc Manor. No murder mansion is complete without hidden passages and secret rooms. Worried about your low passive Perception? No problem! The manor is filled with enough lore and clues to reward even the most aimless wandering.

What people have said about MargoMods adventures:

5 stars: “Serves as a good example of how modules should be written to make it easier for DMs, after all that is why we buy things. Looking forward to anything else you create.” - Rob W. (DMsGuild) MargoMods Sunless Citadel Companion

5 stars: “This expansion of Forge of Fury is absolutely stellar. From the book design, art, maps, and even the arrangement of content, Andie has done a wonderful job guiding DMs through this adventure. If you're a DM (or even a player looking for new quests) then this is an absolute must-have for basically what amounts to coffee and a croissant from Starbucks. 5 Stars, no notes.” - Gregory W. (DMsGuild) MargoMods Forge of Fury Companion

All of the art has already been paid for and the book is already done. From the start, I wanted to make sure that artists working with me are well compensated, especially as AI art floods so many markets. The more we raise, the more I will be able to put back into supporting human artists for this and future projects!

Murders at Lorelahc Manor is being fulfilled through DriveThruRPG. This means the shipping and base printing cost of print books is NOT included in the Kickstarter backing price.

If the project funds, each backer whose rewards include a softcover copy will receive a code that grants a complimentary copy of the book on DriveThruRPG's marketplace. While redeeming the code on DriveThruRPG, they will supply a shipping address and pay for the book's shipping and printing cost. For small publishers, this method is cheaper and less risky than printing hundreds of copies of the book at once. Plus, DriveThruRPG ships practically everywhere, which would be impossible for us otherwise.

For an estimate of how much shipping and printing will cost for your region, check out DriveThruRPG's website ( These estimates may change between now and the date the book is available.

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