Mini Museum Fifth Edition: Coming Soon!

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The Fifth Edition of the Mini Museum is now in production!

Hello, everyone!

After a long wait, we are so excited to announce that Mini Museum 5 is now in production!

The Fifth Edition of the Mini Museum is a new “grand collection” covering a wide range of topics spread across billions of years of history. Like our previous grand collections, MM5 will include amazing specimens from around the world and beyond encased in a handcrafted acrylic.
We expect to launch the Fifth Edition in Spring of 2023, with a goal of shipping in late fall. Work has already begun on this collection and we'll be revealing more information about the planned specimens as we approach the launch date.

Our mission with this museum is to create incredible hand-held displays to share with lovers of science and history around the world. Every single specimen in the museum is authenticated and prepared by our team for the collection.

Mini Museum has always been crowdfunded by amazing supporters since its inception with the First Edition. We've run 5 successful campaigns with four numbered editions and one special collection, Mini Museum Age of Dinosaurs. With over eight years since our first project and thousands of backers, we are excited to bring this new edition to Backerkit in 2023!

First time hearing about Mini Museum? Check out our Fourth Edition page here and learn more about our project!

📸 Some early specimen work... no spoilers yet, but keep in touch for updates!

Preparing an Edition of the Mini Museum is a huge undertaking. In addition to producing hundreds of thousands of specimens by hand, our team meticulously tests every component to ensure they will stand up to rigors of the embedment process. We research and write dozens of articles for our Companion Guide books, design beautiful custom packaging and display boxes, take careful pictures and create engaging illustrations and diagrams.

As you can see, we're already hard at work on MM5 and should be set to launch the collection in the Spring of 2023 with an expected delivery to people around the world in the Fall.

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