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Get Ready for Impossible Dungeon (Maybe)

by Staniforth Games

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And here it is..

"Annoying and Addictive"

"Will keep you trying over and over again to win"

"Going from "I will win this" to being crushed by a boulder"

Impossible Dungeon (Maybe) is a light and Funny Dungeon game for 1 - 6 players.... or more if you have spare meeples.... But will you survive?

Easy to learn, quick to set up and with quick game play... you are not waiting forever to die... I mean, have your turn.

Navigate through a dungeon which is different every game whilst fighting foes and surviving traps of all sizes with simple mechanics so the rules dont bog down gameplay.

Impossible Dungeon (Maybe) contains over 200 room and treasure cards and over 50 room tiles for a varied game every time.

And yes, some cards contain nods/references to all things geeky.

(Above picture is of the Demo copy, there will be updates to dungeon floors, room/treasure cards, rulebook and dice.
All explained on the campaigĀ  page)

So if you are after a Indie game which is not easily won, can fit in a hoodie pocket, aimed fulfilment Q4 2024 and have a love of watching your friends fail to a vast array of misfortunes, then please follow me on my maiden voyage into the Board Game Creator world.



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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 105 other people!

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