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Have a little Nightmare Fuel

by Douglas H. Cole

Let me know when the nightmare begins

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Gaming Ballistic is thrilled to present the next volumes in a hopefully ever-expanding set of ready-to-play creatures for your Dungeon Fantasy RPG games...or anything else that needs some horrific fun!

In October, three new bestiary volumes launch on Backerkit Crowdfunding!

Why Did it Have to Be Snakes?

Always a classic. From the powerful spawn of the World Serpent Jörmungandr to the mythical hydra. The flying coatl and the (totally not a) medusa. These legendary creatures come in all sorts of sizes, ready to crush, envenom, and petrify delvers. Or swallow them whole.

"Gorgon" by Lema Stock Art

And of course, since no fantasy world is complete without serpent cults, this book covers them as well. "I will not turn into a snake. It never helps."

We disagree! Come ... join us. The great and powerful Dulsa Thoom will lead you to true happiness! His followers travel the world to bring word of his greatness, and also sell you healing balms and oils.

Snakeman Shaman by Quico Vicens Picatto

This book includes
  • A brief history of Jörmungandr and its influence on the monsters in the book
  • Build-a-Snek to customize serpent-monsters (and serpent-people!) to your needs
  • Rules enhancements for snakelike beings
  • Several dozen variations on 10 types of creatures
  • Information on snake cults and their leaders

Now we know why it had to be snakes! How could it be anything else?

Really Big Bugs

What's more terrifyingly awesome than a swarm of insects? A plague of giant, man-eating insects.

Really, what could be better for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG than a bunch of creatures with their skeletons on the outside? Or perhaps no skeletons at all? Armored monsters with pinching claws and stinging tails? Oh, yes. Count me in.

Scorpions in the Desert by Christian Villacis (from Dungeon Grappling)

From giant ants to ant-men. Scorpions both swarmed and super-sized. And spiders of course. From ancient near-gods (who are absolutely not spawns of Ungoliant) to baby acid spiders. Does it sting, bite, enweb, or just look creepy?

You'll find it here.

Giant Rhino Beetle by Eric Lofgren

This book is a straight-up catalog of crawling horror: At least 32 different insects, arthropods, and near-human (-ish? -oid?) creatures, ready to play.

Feed Me, Seymour!

Ah...what better than to spend time in nature? The foliage rustles in the breeze ... wait, are those footsteps? Is that plant walking? Shambling? Hey! That thing has teeth!

...and vines. And dripping goo?

Dryad by Dean Spencer

Sometimes it's the scenery that's out to kill you. From awakened trees, and a shrubbery that brings you where it wants, to things that are definitely not ents. From literature and legend, a host of vegetative monstrosities populate this short volume.

Carnivorous Tree by Dean Spencer

Evil willows. Walking foliage. Clinging vines. Carnivorous flytraps. Sixteen different flavors of plant monster. Sing it with me: Delvers sure look like plant-food to me!

Nordlond Bestiary: Still Available!

The Norðlondr Óvinabókin - the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies book - delivered nearly 200 creatures, ready to play. The three new products support this book, though they are usable without it!

A limited number of US-only pledges will be available for those who missed the Kickstarter at the end of last year.

Nordlond Bestiary Mockup

Bestiaries on Display at Fnordcon!

Let me know when the nightmare begins

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