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As the grip of humanity falters over a world ravaged by climate collapse, scarred by war, and inching closer to a thousand different catastrophes, fell powers stir and make themselves known. Monsters from the depths of legend rise, each looking to carve its own claim on the world, fighting each other to rule over the ruins. 

What is OnSlaughter?

OnSlaughter is a head-to-head, constructible card game where players take on the role of monsters fighting for dominance over the remnants of fading humanity, in either 1v1 or multiplayer matches. 

Players 1v1, or multiplayer up to 4 players
Time: Approx 30 minutes 1v1, 45-60 multiplayter
Theme: Monstrous combat
Ages: 14+

What makes it special?

  • A fresh takes on trading card game structure. 
    • No resource ramp! Get straight into serious gameplay from the first turn.
    • Fixed distribution - you always know what you get with each product, and don't have to chase rares. 
    • Unique deck construction mechanics that integrate with play

  • Depth + flexibility + multiple formats = great replayability. 
    • 1v1 and multiplayer formats
    • One core set and one draft expansion give you an infinitely replayable draft cube for up to four players.
    • Multiple constructed deck sizes: choose to play a quick Scrap, or a more involved Skirmish

  • Welcoming for everyone. Whether you're a tcg veteran, or just dipping your toe into tabletop gaming, OnSlaughter has a great play experience to offer. Easy-to-learn rules welcome casual players to the table, while card game enthusiasts will find a wealth of mechanics and strategies to dive into and explore through customized deckbuilding.  Everyone can enjoy endless replayability through multiple game modes and formats.

  • Game play is characterful. There are four factions that each bring a different approach to combat, and multiple monstrous identities within each faction offering their own unique powers. Whatever your favorite playstyle, you'll find a fit to bring terror to your opponents.   

   The Dark consists of monsters birthed from and feeding upon the deepest fears of humanity, and boast many effects that can disrupt your target's hand, eliminating options and forcing them into difficult and deadly decisions.  The Night Hag lets you steal opportunity from your opponents when they draw cards, or the Black-Eyed Children enhance your Attacks or Defenses depending on the relative strength of your hand versus your opponent's.

   The Dead have risen from the quiet of the grave, and bring a terrifying, endless endurance to the table, able to shrug off all but the most brutal hits. They also boast abilities that let them recover cards that would normally be lost to Wounds, so they can remain consistently dangerous throughout a fight. It is almost impossible to ever truly get rid of the cards used by the Revenant, as it uses its ability to constantly move cards between your Deck, Discard, and Wound piles, ensuring you're never out of your nastiest tricks. The Risen Corpse is, however, much more straightforward in its brutal efficiency, able to enhance its own Defense to withstand terrible blows and keep fighting unhindered.  

 The Unearthly are strange entities, with cards that let them bend or break the normal rules of the game, threatening their foes with varied Utility effects that come at their foes from strange angles and in unexpected ways. The Entropic Predator can literally draw strength from things falling apart, as it gains cards when its ongoing effects are lost. The fearsome Pain Eater is a different foe entirely, sacrificing its health to empower its Utility cards, or destroying its own Utility cards to heal. If not dispatched quickly, these monsters can bring powerful effects to bear on their opponents.  

  The Wild heralds the resurgence of strange and menacing beasts long thought lost to legend, and unleashes the boundless fury of nature in a frenzy of attacks. The Fell Beast falls upon its prey with relentless fury, using its ability to fuel a constant barrage of attacks, while the ominous Werewolf begins the game hiding its strength, only to unleash it as it becomes injured, increasing the potency of every Attack thereafter.  

How can you stay up to date?

If you're ready to explore the world OnSlaughter and check out the monstrous tactical gameplay it holds, follow this page for all the important updates about the campaign, sign up for notifications, and check out this linktree to find and follow all Oneiroscope's social media accounts for discussion, previews of cards, and other sneak peaks as launch approaches. 

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