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Get Ready for Bullet and a Blank

by Axo stories

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Bullet and a Blank is a card-based, western story-building game that you and four other players can begin playing in minutes. You are a gang of outlaws in the Wild West. Unfortunately, things have come to an end, and now you draw at high noon. 

You have one gun with a bullet and one with a blank; one of your companions must die, and the rest will survive. Choose your gunslinger, and use prompt cards to collaboratively tell the story of your past, filled with high-stakes heists, robberies, doubts, back-alley deals, and more. But remember that when the clock marks noon, you must draw your gun. 

Download the PrintNPlay preview here 

What’s in the game:

> Clear instructions to start playing in minutes.
> 8 wanted posters to inspire your characters.
> 5 gun cards with bullets and 5 gun cards with blanks.
> 50 prompt cards that will help you develop your characters’ past, motivations, and relationships that brought them to this ill-fated showdown.
> An X-Card to remove content you don’t want in the game.
> Betrayal, heartbreak, heists, trust, and tragedy. 

Based on the award-winning For the Queen game system using the Descended from the Queen license. 

The game will come in full-color PDF, VTT, and Tarot Print run. The game includes everything you need to play. 

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Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 48 other people!

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