Launching soon: As You 'Wich

by Janelle Jones and Sanji Moore

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Building a truly great sandwich takes a lot of skill, and choosing between epic sandwiches can be really challenging. That’s why we created As You Wich – the ultimate game for sandwich lovers!

Players are dealt ingredient cards, which represent their sandwich. They shop and discard ingredients and preparation methods to assemble a superior sandwich. When all the shops are closed, each chef has to name, present and defend their sandwich. All players vote for their favorite sandwich--but you can’t vote for yourself! If you can convince your opponents that yours is the best sandwich, you’ve won!

If you can commit to backing us when we launch, you’ll get the limited edition “Any Ingredient on Hand” card, which allows players to use any ingredient they have with them!

As You ‘Wich is the perfect game to play with your family, friends, coworkers, dates, enemies, pets - anyone who likes food! Sign up to come along on this delicious journey with us, and you’ll also receive exciting updates from us along the way!

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