Get Ready for Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves

by Alex Clark Studios

We are thrilled to announce Sugar Heist: Crib Of Thieves. Join the Sugar Heist newsletter for Sugar Heist news PLUS receive 2 bonus cards when you back the game!

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Hello, Sugar Heist fans!

We are thrilled to announce that Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves will go live on Kickstarter in October 2022!

To celebrate, we're offering 30 days of trick-or-treating, fun unlocks, crazy candy challenges, surprise guest artist cards, and more!

The cutest, most raging babies that collect, steal, and trade candy will now give you even more reasons to fight with more ways to play. 

All pre-launch newsletter subscribers who back Sugar Heist on Kickstarter will receive 2 exclusive bonus cards: 

  • The Mint Vault Card adds special scoring for all candy in your vault.
  • The Getaway Stroller Accessory Card gives you special abilities when deployed

Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves launches October 2022.  Join the party and help us build the best game we’ve ever made!

Learn how to play or purchase the original game HERE.

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