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DAGGER IN THE HEART is coming soon

by Rowan, Rook and Decard

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Dagger in the Heart is the first full-length sourcebook for Heart: the City Beneath.

In this campaign, the player characters will follow in the wake of The Delving Machine: a device that bores through rock, blood, bone, space, time and reality towards the scintillating terror of a crimson eternity.

As their journey progresses, they'll encounter three antagonists looking to control the machine and shape the future for themselves: the arms dealer Ptolemy Bay, the aelfir politician Aramos, and a ragged nameless figure who appears all too familiar. They'll witness the dreadful impact of Zenith abilities – their Zenith abilities – on the places that they journey through. They'll venture via passages uncanny to Summersisle, home of the Humans, on the eve of their greatest tragedy.

And, then, of course, the Heart Itself.

Dagger in the Heart is written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (Eyes of the Stone Thief, The Dracula Dossier, The Laundry RPG), illustrated by Sar Cousins and laid out by Minerva McJanda (Heart: the City Beneath, Lancer, Voidheart Symphony). 

We're releasing it as a hardback, full-size book filled with full colour illustrations. As part of the crowdfunding project, we'll be offering the chance to get hold of Heart GM screens and other accessories depending on how many stretch goals we hit.
Below, we die in the dark. Below, a red-lit heaven. Below, we ascend.

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