Jair's Home: Mutant Possum West Marches for MCC and DCC RPG

by Electi Studio

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Didelinoid miniatures painted by Mike Hughes (@lordofminis)

About the Book

This is Jair’s Home, an RPG supplement for players in any weird sci-fi, far-future, or post-apocalyptic game. These pages are many seeds for adventures, places to explore, characters to interact with, and monsters to encounter.

Jair’s Home, 8.5” x 11” Full Color Book

  • Seven new monsters for your bestiary.
  • Includes the NPCs associated with the village and roles and an NPC generator to help guide DMs to populate the world with memorable characters, all built to give the party plenty to do in Jair’s Home
  • Four hooks tables and three events tables give players replayability and room for the story to grow.
  • Additional character creation rules for creating your adventurers, with the 11 different Manimal Genotypes, including Jair’s Home iconic (Didelinoids.)
  • The Stable Genome rule allows Didelinoid characters to choose specific options for their Manimal that reflect the mutations often found in Jair’s Home.
  • Additional archaic alignment “The Devotees of Mother Nikki.”
    Learn the history, demographics, government, defenses, industry, factions, and resources in Jair’s Home.
  • Three regions around the village for players to explore in the land beyond Jair’s Home.

A ton of new minis for MCC

Plenty of Rad Monsters

Classic MCC Classes

About Us

Gregory Horton runs the show at ELECTI.  He worked in design and marketing before realizing he had started a game development company. Whoops! Now he spends his time catching up to that dream by working with great independent artists like Jordan and Jake. If he's not working  Blaster, or Hobgoblin he's probably rough-housing with his four kids.

Jordan Cuffie is the owner and solo sculptor at SkullForge Studios. He worked in the video game industry for ten years as a senior artist, and currently spends his days raising two wonderful children, designing small skirmish games, trying new hot sauces, oh and sculpting mini's 24/7. 

Jake Franklin has been playing tabletop RPGs for over 16 years, usually as the GM (ain’t that always the way?). Running games for his friends revealed a passion for world building and story telling that eventually lead him to start publishing his work for a wider audience to enjoy. By day, Jake is a software engineer and lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and three kids.

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