Discover the restored Sci-Fi masterwork, published in English for the first time!

by Humanoids

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2024 is the 35th anniversary of the release of ARKADI Book 1 in France!

Crafted over the course of 20 years by legendary French artist CAZA, Humanoids is proud to present ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN.

This stunning masterwork sits beside other classic sci-fi comics sagas from HUMANOIDS such as  THE INCAL and THE METABARONS as a colossal achievement in the form and genre. 
Earth year 10,000 of the Mass era, Earth has stopped moving. Half of the world is plunged into frigid night, the other is scorched by eternal daylight, and humanity ekes out survival along the border. Arkadi, the son of a warrior and a sorceress, sets out on his Trial of Purification–a series of grueling challenges aimed at weeding out the weak–but soon a journey to find a missing Titan cyborg necessary for the planet’s survival leads to the discovery of a wider world more grand, deadly, strange, and alluring than he could have ever imagined.

Discover Arkadi’s world-changing adventure in this brilliant and beautiful genre-defying tour de force, published for the first time in English in a 528-page prestige book.

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