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Daybreak is co-designed by Matt Leacock, the creator of Pandemic, the most successful cooperative game in history, and Matteo Menapace, a designer and educator specializing in cooperative play.

Daybreak is a cooperative boardgame about stopping climate change
. It’s an optimistic vision of the future, where you and your friends get to build the mind-blowing technologies and social movements we need to decarbonize the world.

With over 200 unique pieces of art and ZERO plastic in the box, Daybreak is an engine-building game like Wingspan, but cooperative.

"Daybreak is a fantastic design that embeds the science of fighting climate change seamlessly into a co-operative strategy game. The central tableau-building mechanism gives agency to each player as they build and power up their actions. The free-form method of co-operation between the players encourages them to act as a team and discuss the consequences of each move."
- Phil Walker-Harding
Designer of Sushi Go

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