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by Tim Leiner

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Setting Off! is a comprehensive, setting-agnostic TTRPG.

  • Skill-based character creation without races or classes
  • D20 roll-under system where each dice roll follows the same pattern
  • Flexible rules for any playstyle

Play any character, any setting, any way.

Art by @velnna

Setting Off! features skill-based character creation without races or classes. You can choose from over 40 skilltrees covering combat, cooking, crafting and more. Skilltrees can be combined in any way to create an unlimited amount of characters.

Spellcasting is neatly integrated into the skilltree system. Each school of magic, such as Pyromancy or Necromancy, is a skilltree of its own. Handpick which spells your character can cast, and how many - whether only a single one or an entire arsenal. Every spell expends a limited resource called Essence, and is accordingly powerful.

The game uses a D20 roll-under system. Each dice roll is tied to one of the eight Attributes and follows the same formula: you roll a single D20 and succeed if the result is below the relevant Attribute score. Especially difficult rolls can be subject to a modifier.

Combat is turn-based. Each character can take three actions during their turn, without any distinction between different types of actions. For example, a character could cast a spell, move and attack, or move three times, sprinting across the battlefield.

As a setting-agnostic game, Setting Off! does not have a built in setting and can be used with a variety of genres. The game covers everything necessary for fantasy and horror games, and delves into sci-fi. As a comprehensive Pen & Paper RPG, it puts an equal focus on exploration, conversation and combat, and includes a plethora of rules for any playstyle.
Art by @velnna

Tim Leiner (@the_gileshan) - Hello! I’m the lead designer behind Setting Off! I’m originally from Luxemburg and currently live in Germany, where I’ve worked as a trained salesman. I’ve been playing TTRPGs for ten years, mostly as a game master for Dungeons & Dragons and The Dark Eye. I’m excited to go on this journey with you!

Victorian (@oriottero) - Hey, I’m Setting Off!’s social media manager. I’ll make sure you stay up to date and don’t miss anything! I’m also a streamer, artist and passionate Pen & Paper player, and will test the latest updates with our team.

Ella (@ella_maybe) - I'm Ella, a graphic designer and TTRPG writer from Australia. I love to design and layout my own games but don't write games fast enough so sometimes I do layout for other people. In my spare time, I walk my dog and do archery.

Lyssa (@lalalyssh) - Hello there! My name is Lyssa/Lala and I am a freelance illustrator and character designer from the US in Phoenix, Arizona; I love creating for fantasy worlds as much as I love playing in them! Excited to be a part of the Setting Off! team!

Jonah Walker (@galacticjonah) - I’m a queer freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Scotland. Starting with a passion for fantasy, I quickly found my way to TTRPGs and have since worked for several projects in the industry. When I’m not working creatively, I can be found enjoying horror movies or baking.

Dragon (@adragonswinging) - Hello hello ! I’m Dragon, a concept artist for games and fantasy illustrator located in Switzerland. I like to play TTRPGs, draw for them, and create more characters than I will ever be able to play. Excited to be part of the team!

Loren (@_solelle) - Hi there! I’m Loren, a concept artist and illustrator based in Spain! I love playing TTRPGs, so I decided to work on illustrating them when I’m not playing! I’m also a proud parent of two fat cats and some of Setting Off!’s creatures.

Hades (@_liconte) - Hi!!! I'm Hades, a concept artist and illustrator from Valencia, Spain. A fantasy enthusiast since birth, I spend my free time working on making other people feel like I felt the first time I played an TTRPG. The wonder, the excitement, the love, the acceptance. I had the honor to design some creatures for Setting Off!'s bestiary! See you between the pages!
Art by @_solelle

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