Super Squad High! Date. Study. Defend.

by Nerdy Pup Games

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Super Squad High is a cooperative strategy board game where you play teen superheroes in high school. Balance grades, relationships, and crimefighting in a tense, teamwork-driven race against time to unmask the villain!

Our 2022 prototype!

Unique narrative dating mechanism. Test how well you know the likes, fears, and feelings of non-player classmates to become besties or sweethearts. Learn their hidden traits, then use that knowledge to answer creative narrative prompts to go on the perfect date!

Four of the sixteen Classmates in the game. One is secretly the villain!

Fresh take on crime fighting. Your super powers and crime fighting gear are limited. Make difficult choices between saving the city buildings and citizens, taking bruises, or running late to class. Push your limits just like classic teen heroes from the comics!

Break-ins, bombs, arson, and kidnapping are just some of the crimes you'll stop!

Tense, thematic gameplay. Manage your time between schoolwork, fighting crime, and forming relationships with your classmates. Every choice matters as life pulls you in multiple directions.
Four Villains that threaten the City. Who is the Classmate behind the mask?

Heroic teamwork. Use powers and costumes to back each other up. Patrol to get the drop on crime or face danger head-on to protect your teammates.

Hero symbols for the Powers available to play!

Nerdy Pup Games is a small publisher from Toledo, Ohio, that makes tabletop games that mix fresh ideas like romance and relationships into familiar nerdy themes.  You may know us from our first major board game release, Dungeon Date, or one of our indie ttrpgs such as The Curse of the House of Rookwood or Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes.

We have successfully funded four games through crowdfunding since 2018. Super Squad High will be our fifth and biggest crowdfunding endeavor. We hope you join us!

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