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Get Ready for Ghudsavar Literary Magazine

by Ghudsavar Literary Magazine

Can we count on your pledge for our future issues?

Ghudsavar ( is a literary platform for poetry in Hindi and English languages. Issue 1 has just now gone live, and I welcome you to go through it.

I am now seeking support for the next four issues, that is, Issues 2 to 5. The magazine will have an issue published every 4 months roughly, so Issue 2 is now scheduled to be published by the end of December 2023. As I have to spend quite some time in curating the submissions as well as managing the website, I am budgeting my time, site and domain hosting fee, email hosting fee, as well as the contributor payments, because my policy is to pay every contributor to the magazine. My aim with this funding is:

  • to be able to dedicate more time to the project
  • to be able to expand sections that the magazine will publish (e.g., fiction)
  • to be able to pay more to each contributor to the magazine
  • to improve upon the design, layout and look of the magazine

The magazine was born out of my passion for poetry and storytelling as well as a realisation that many voices are simply absent, trampled upon or pushed into a corner by some dominant voices on the literary landscape. So, while this holds true for languages that do not hold as much power in the modern world, such as Hindi, this equally holds true for many English speakers of the wrong land or colour or accent, whose voices are derided as non-native and either patronised or rejected but never treated as equal. Even if the poetry itself be brilliant. That is why Ghudsavar, which means 'The Horserider' in Hindi: someone free to sit on their horse and roam the world, expressing themselves.

Can we count on your pledge for our future issues?

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