Get Ready for Rift Zone: Contact, a mixed reality miniatures war game

by Boosted Reality

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Rift Zone: Contact - An RFID Interactive Miniatures War Game!

Rift Zone: Contact is a fun and easy new miniatures battle game. Unlike existing miniature combat games, Rift Zone: Contact allows much more sophisticated interactions between the different units on the battlefield while removing the complexity common to most miniature war games.

The results of actions are determined with the use of the Rift Zone: Contact mobile application, which tracks unit status, combat, movement, and terrain effects. It even allows for a wide range of special abilities that add new strategic aspects to the game with the opportunity of adding more and more features over time and to allow players to customize gameplay.


Every smart miniature in Rift Zone: Contact has a unique NFC-readable RFID device embedded in it at the top of the figure to allow easy identification of the character and its capabilities.  Because of this, individual units are not only uniquely identified, but they can also evolve over time, with a record kept of every battle fought and enemy faced adding additional richness to the tactics and strategy of the game.


All actions in Rift Zone: Contact are resolved using a mobile device (an iPhone 8 or later at launch, with selected Android phones added later).  These actions can include movement, the resolution of combat, or other unique abilities for the game character represented by the figure. Outcomes are determined on the phone, and through the cloud service that identifies the characters, and tracks their status and capabilities.

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