Get Ready for Brambletrek

by Crossed Paths Press

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Discover the extensive forests of Hyhill as you set off on the tiniest solo RPG adventure.

In the vast forests of Hyhill, begin a grand adventure. Start in Brambletrek and let the cards guide your destiny. Immerse yourself in this magical realm, unleashing your creativity by crafting a Gnawborn—a tiny mousefolk from the Forests of Akeroth.

Encounter situations as your character, cross mossy tree trunks and conquering mighty rivers. Chronicle your daring deeds, encounters with friends or foes, and thrilling escapades as the story unfolds.

The 4 Legacies

All you need is a journal, pen and deck of 52 cards. Choose from 4 Legacies, arming yourself with an instrument, bow, staff or sword. Summon the bravery to explore a vast new world in this mindful journaling RPG you play solo or as a group.

The Gnawborn dream of a life outside their little village of Brambletrek

Let your imagination soar, for there are no limits to what you can dream up!

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