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Get Ready for Caverns of Thracia Legendary Adventure 5E+DCC

by Goodman Games

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The end of one empire sees the birth of a new one deep within the earth. Born in the forgotten chambers and caverns of age-lost Thracia rises a formidable foe: the Minotaur King, along with his host of dog brothers, gnolls, lizardmen, and others. Some say that even Death itself lingers in the Caverns of Thracia, ready to claim any who stumble upon its unholy chapel. The secrets of Thracia are manifold, its treasures thrice that. Do you have the mettle to survive… the Caverns of Thracia?

A mega-dungeon that supports a full-year campaign and takes your characters from levels 1 to 10 in 5E or levels 1-5 in DCC. Includes an extensive dungeon, with stretch goals to expand the ruins and an overland archipelago. A thousand-year-old dungeon mystery waiting to be solved. Interact with factions to reveal level-by-level backstory. Featuring combat, exploration, and social interaction across 6 vast dungeon levels, including:
  • 250+ encounter areas
  • 125+ new monsters
  • 40+ new magic items, spells, and curses
Originally authored by legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays. This modern version is offered in both a 5E and DCC edition, and includes expanded dungeon levels, new wilderness locations, and much more!

Hellpits of Nightfang is crowdfunding with Caverns of Thracia! This classic vampire adventure is available for both 5E and DCC. Something is haunting the night and the locals have dubbed it “Nightfang.” Old legends suggest that the Hellpits, a trio of sinkholes said to house the tomb of a great hero of old, may be the lair of Nightfang. Do the heroes possess the cunning and prowess to confront the ferocious vampire which haunts the Hellpits?

DCC #109: Beneath the Isle of the Serpents is crowdfunding with Caverns of Thracia! This new adventure set in Thracia. When islanders on the Starry Archipelago go missing, the region teeters on the edge of warfare. It’s up to the PCs to discover what lurks beneath the island and end its threat to the surface world. This stand-alone adventure for level 2 characters expands on the setting presented in Caverns of Thracia!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 3,726 other people!

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