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Shame your birds for Bird Crimes


Can YOU help hold these criminals accountable?

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Look at them. Look at their smug, smiling faces and evil eyes. They know what they've done.

Start holding your 2 AM screamers, poop painters and toe biters accountable with these 1.75" hard enamel pins. Each pin features double lapels, sepia colors and screen printed text.

Each mugshot leaves things up to the imagination - "normal" "people" might be puzzled at the idea of a parrot committing assault, tax fraud, or bribery, but if you've got a feathered felon in your house, you know what goes on. Those chickens are always up to something.

Featuring a green-cheek conure, cockatiel and a parakeet, this base set covers the most common criminals. Don't see your drywall destroyer? No apprehension for your ass-biter? Fear not - our stretch goals include five mystery felons - AND a dastardly co-conspirator!

This is a Pintopia 2 project with a special crossover freebie pin. Go follow my partner CORVIFORMS and BACKYARD BIRDS! Plan on backing both projects for a bonus from each of us - if both BIRD CRIMES and BACKYARD BIRDS reach funding goals thanks to you, that's two free things!

Can YOU help hold these criminals accountable?

Join 694 other people!

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