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Get Ready for Tainted Grail TTRPG: SOLO Mode & VTT

by Studio Agate

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Join the next chapter of the Tainted Grail saga by Awaken Realms and Studio Agate!

During our first successful crowdfunding campaign, we received numerous requests for the development of a Solo mode and of VTT modules. For several months now, we've been making progress on these projects, and we’re happy to offer a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to these new features, while the mass production of the role-playing game is in its early stages.

This Kickstarter campaign will feature, in English and French: 

  • The Tainted Grail TTRPG Solo mode: Avalon Journey, which will allow you to discover Avalon by yourself, using the tools at your disposal to create your own adventures.

  • A full VTT license for Roll20 or a module for Foundry, including the Tainted Grail TTRPG Corebook + The Creation of Avalon, as well as access to add-ons during the pledge manager phase.

  • The opportunity to get one of the Deluxe Box Sets of the Tainted Grail role-playing game, as well as several items from the first Gamefound campaign. Quantities will be limited.

Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World introduces you to a ruthless, melancholy universe inspired by Arthurian legends and Celtic culture and folklore.

Forced to flee the Continent because of a deadly plague known as the Red Death, the legendary King Arthur and his people once found a new home on the island of Avalon. However, this was no hospitable haven: humanity had to fight for its survival against the forces of the Wyrdness - a primordial power that can alter matter and the mind - and the Foredwellers - four-armed titans and the island’s original inhabitants. A century ago, a terrible cataclysm named The Fall of Avalon struck a blow to the vulnerable forces of humanity. What remains of humanity’s descendants live scattered around the island, striving to survive and regain its former splendor.

In Tainted Grail: Song of a Dying World, your characters are destined to become the legendary “Guardians of Avalon”, a group of individuals marked by Arthur’s power and meant to defend humanity in difficult times against the island’s forces.

This Kickstarter campaign will also be the ideal time to pick up exclusive TTRPG items, such as the expansion Heroes of Avalon: Box of Minis.

These miniatures can be used during the game to represent your characters on battlemaps, upon confrontations with the formidable creatures of Avalon. This miniature box also offers new options for the Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon board game.

It will also be possible to use the miniatures from this expansion in the SOLO TTRPG: Avalon Journey.

Tainted Grail SOLO TTRPG: Avalon Journey aims to offer an open, sandbox-style experience. The game will feature a set of locations and events for the character to discover, with random tables allowing players to create their own legend.

Avalon Journey will include 5 pre-made characters, taken directly from the role-playing game core book. These are also the characters featured in the Heroes of Avalon: Box of Minis.

Avalon Journey will use a simplified game system, including character progression and other key elements from the Tainted Grail TTRPG system. The system is based on that of Shadows of Esteren (Story Arc System).

Receive an email at launch, get the TTRPG Quickstart and don't miss the early bird!

Join 1,606 other people!

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