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CatStronauts: The Official Board Game

by Atlas Games

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PREPARE FOR LAUNCH! The official CatStronauts board game is coming to Kickstarter on May 14! 

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About CatStronauts! 

The International Space Station is a big success! With a green light from President Cat, CATSUP can now expand the station by adding on all the modules. It’s up to the CatStronauts to move them to the right spots as each arrives, bringing them online one at a time … BEFORE THEIR TIME RUNS OUT!

  • Features cooperative play that's only 30-45 minutes long, for 1-4 players ages 10+
  • The "CatStronauts for Kittens" variant modifies the game for younger players
  • The game is designed and illustrated by CatStronauts comic creator Drew Brockington

This Campaign Includes: 

  • CatStronauts: The Board Game 
  • The Fish Finder Satellite Expansion 
  • A Limited Deluxe Tier with Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards  
  • All CatStronaut Universe books 
  • Access to Add On's & Digital Freebies with every tier level 
  • Retailer Exclusive Tier 

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Can we send you a launch reminder?

Join 415 other people!

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