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Get ready for HOLLOWS: Boss fights done right

by Rowan, Rook and Decard

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A long time ago, something very bad happened to you.
Now you are something very bad that happens to other people.

The world is sour. And here, sourer still: a wretched knot of torment. A stinking sump of loss and fear that twists everything around it. Plague, madness, grief and ruin.

A Hollow.

Hollows makes massive monster fights slick, elegant, tactical and challenging, with unique mechanics for each named enemy and a deep, satisfying system of player choices.

You have your knife. Not just any knife: your knife. A perfect point through which to exact your will. Truth spatters from split skin and dying breaths hold the words of prophets. 
It says: you are unstoppable.

You have your gun. Not just any gun; your gun. A steel lightning bolt. It speaks to you through the reek of gunsmoke. Exit wounds burst and blossom into visceral insight.
It says: this world is yours for the taking.

Players each choose two Weapons to wield, mixing and matching their abilities to create a character that feels unique and personal, and working with their allies to build combos that work on and off the battlefield. Together, these Hunters delve deep into Hollows, exploring these cursed and unreal pocket dimensions to find the story of the person whose pain, fury, or selfish rage is warping the world around them.

This world is just as sick as you.

The populace are powerless and those in charge are too cosseted to care.

But you’re not.

With your grim tools in hand, you can kill things ten times your size. You can sleep off death and wake up with nothing more than a headache. You are a conduit for something great and terrible.

Using an innovative “lock-on” combat grid with the Entity at its centre, the Hunters battle monstrous avatars within these self-contained stories, and bring back the spoils to their Refuge, where they can rest, recover, upgrade their homes and attempt to find enough community to avoid becoming lost to the Corruption that sits in their own souls.

You are righteous. You are undying. You are every nightmare’s worst nightmare.

You are a Hunter.

Grisham Priory. Art by Sam Lamont / moonskinned

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