Nature comes alive in the next chapter of Spirit Island.

by Greater Than Games

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The next expansion of the award-winning settler-destruction board game is ready to be revealed. Spirit Island returns this October with a crowdfunding campaign for a brand new expansion: 

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate.

Ember-Eyed Behemoth by David Markiwsky

There are things yet unseen among the deepest roots of the land, and they now rise to meet the coming white sails.

New spirits, new aspects, new threats, and new powers await! Crowdfunding exclusively through Backerkit on October 18th.

Since launching Spirit Island in 2017, Greater Than Games has developed and supported Spirit Island with the expansions Jagged Earth, Branch and Claw, and Feather and Flame. We've designed and created board games through crowdfunding since 2011 with our flagship title Sentinels of the Multiverse, and the future holds even more for our fans. Thank you for playing Greater!

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