From the publishers of Anime 5e... Absolute Power Superhero RPG πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

by Dyskami Publishing Company

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The rich setting and characters of the Absolute Power superhero role-playing game (aka the second edition of the Silver Age Sentinels RPG) are expanded in two hardcover annuals that detail recent events, both big and small, that impacted Empire City and Sentinel-Earth. Additionally, an oversized card deck accessory profiles 136 statted NPCs across the power-level spectrum from the core book and two Season expansions. Finally, talented writers explore the game setting in 14 tales collected in The Path of Absolute Power short story anthology.

Whether you're a long-time Silver Age Sentinels fan, you've followed along since the game's 2022 rebirth, or you're a superhero gamer curious to give a new world setting a try, it's the perfect time to come along with us as we delve into Absolute Power!

Four new expansions and accessories

4"x6" card samples from the Heroes and Villains Deck

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