Get Ready for The Naodica Saga: Usurpers & Upstarts

by Naodica Saga Games & Comics

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The Naodica Saga: Usurpers & Upstarts is a new multiplayer-oriented expandable card game. The game is designed from the ground up for 3-5 players each vying for control and victory. Politicking, making alliances, backstabbing, and hiring mercenaries all help to provide players with a path to victory. Players will have to manage their power to muster units, build locations, and utilize powerful spells and strategies to attain the influence necessary to win.

Tired of having to buy dozens of booster packs or pay a premium for those expensive chase rares?  The Naodica Saga instead plans to offer fully customizable decks straight out of the box, with expansions just adding to that number by providing you with full playsets of the cards.

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