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Get Ready for DX Monsters TCG: Return of Legends

by Levelup Lemon LLC

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DX MONSTERS® is a trading card game that challenges two players to battle with their Zone Masters to protect their Zone or conquer their opponent's Zone. DX MONSTERS is set in the Dimension X universe, where war has broken out to gain power through the Imperial Crystal, which was shattered long ago. Players can collect rare and powerful monsters, spells, and equips to help boost their odds in zoning their opponent. Your journey begins now in this new, fun, epic, and exciting trading card game!

Season 1 currently has 6 Starter Decks and with the help of this Kickstarter campaign we will launch our 7th and final Starter Deck for Season 1: Zamus' Revenge. Each deck has its own gameplay and strategies. Each starter deck contains 40 cards that consist of common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare cards. The 7 decks are ready to play out of the box and can be customized by adding or removing cards from your collection.

Season 1 launch also has 2 booster sets, Dark Beginning and Return of Legends. The booster sets contain a total card count of 94 additional cards. Dark Beginning has 51 new cards that cannot be collected from any of the Starter Decks. With this Kickstarter, we will launch the second booster set: Return of Legends. Return of Legends is the newest expansion with 43 new cards and 8 cards from the Starter Decks.

Eight different land cards can be collected in Season 1 and they are not found in starter decks or booster packs. Each land card has its own effect and can be used in many strategies.

Then finally our promo cards. Ripper The Golden Raptor was our 1st promo when we first launched our game and can be collected through ordering online or at shows. Excalibur and Healing Springs are our newest promos, exclusive to this Kickstarter! There are a total of 276 cards to collect and a final card that comes in a future event.

We are a husband-and-wife team of artists who fell in love and decided to make our own trading card game. DX MONSTERS is a child's dream come true. Now our story lives and grows through DX MONSTERS as we release more seasons throughout the years. We hope to grow our dreams as our family grows, and share our love for games and this epic tale with everyone! With us starting a family next year, we have so much more planned for DX MONSTERS--including 5 seasons lined up so far! If you're a big trading card player or love collecting cards, DX MONSTERS is great to jump into and join the journey to Dimension X!


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