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Get Ready for White To Dark; Vol 1 -An erotic story set in the Omegaverse world and romantic story between Keiran and Kim Ji-Hae! Let's get the first volume in print!

by Zeren Studio

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A dark story for adults.

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White to Dark; is about the cold romance between Keiran and Kim Ji-hae. Keiran lost his parents in an accident when he was a child and none of his relatives wanted to take him in. As if that were not enough, he was humiliated and abandoned because he was an Omega. When he was about to be sent to an orphanage, his uncle took him in.

Now Keiran has only one goal. To fulfill his promise to his parents and graduate from a good university. But this was not easy for Keiran. Being an Omega was hard enough, but earning money was even harder.
Keiran entered university with a loan from his uncle, and although he worked at various jobs to pay it back, he eventually accumulated the debt. On his way to pay his uncle back, he heard his uncle screaming and begging. That's when he realized that some men were about to kill his uncle.

A few minutes later, he heard a gunshot. Keiran was about to run away when he was caught by the people who killed his uncle. And that's when he met him, the cold and scary Alpha.
His uncle had sold Keiran to this man in exchange for a contract. But that wasn't all, there were bigger secrets behind it...

The uncle who took him in, the uncle who looked at him with love... He wasn't like that at all. He had been deceiving and using Keiran all along.

A warning: This story contains ADULT content. If you choose to continue reading, you do so at your own risk. Recommended Reading Age: +18.
It is also possible to get a NSFW illustration. You will need to purchase that prize to get it. 

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 18 other people!

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