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Space Wizard Science Fantasy Books: 12 books and 2 RPGs coming in Year 3!

by Space Wizard Science Fantasy

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If you've read books from us before or backed our Year 1 or Year 2 Kickstarters, then many thanks! We have some excellent new books coming out in Year 3!

If you haven't heard of us before...

Space Wizard Science Fantasy is a queer science fiction and fantasy indie publishing company started in 2016 to publish William C. Tracy's books. Ten books, six years, a pandemic, and quitting a day job later, the publishing company opened its doors to more authors. Our intent has always been to showcase quality science fiction and fantasy stories with queer characters, because they don't get enough exposure in the publishing world.

- In 2022, the Space Wizard Science Fantasy Year 1 Kickstarter raised nearly $18,000 to pay authors top rates, create amazing book covers, fund an audiobook recording, and publish 12 books between June 2022 and June 2023.

- In 2023, Year 2 raised over $18,000 for 12 more books released from June 2023 to June 2024 with more excellent covers, custom illustrations, and pro rates for our anthology writers! This year we added exclusive collector's hardbacks!

We're at it again for Year 3, this time on Backerkit, with 12 more great books. This year we're adding more collector's hardbacks, and two new TTRPG systems!

Books coming in year 3:
  • Talio’s Codex - Epic Fantasy in a city of canals and holy magic, with a M/M relationship, from J. Alexander Cohen.
  • Station in the Sky - The followup scifi novella to Peace in the Sky from Year 2 by Caye Marsh. A person must solver their own murder!
  • Fiery Deeps Anthology - The fourth book in the lesbian SFF romance anthology including Distant Gardens, Farther Reefs, and Lofty Mountains. This time the theme is fire and female power!
  • Empress of Dust & Creatures of Ruin TTRPG - A team of scavengers finds there's more to the giant crab monsters roaming the deserts than they thought, in this post-apocalyptic fantasy by Alex Kingsley. PLUS play the Creatures of Ruin TTRPG based on the book!
  • Physical Magic - The start of William C. Tracy's new progression fantasy series, featuring martial arts-based magic, and fast moving continents in a world controlled by the gods!
  • Foxfire in the Snow & Ocean of Fireflies Duology - J.S. Fields is re-releasing their epic renaissance fantasy Foxfire in the Snow along with the new second book, Ocean of Fireflies. Follow a young nonbinary person as they find their place where science is slowly overtaking the old magic!
  • Tavern Tale - Kristina Kelly's debut novella is a cozy fantasy romance with many D&D elements!
  • Space Station X - Who wants more lesbian horror/comedy in space? Check out AZ Rozkillis' debut scifi tale!
  • A Traveler’s Magic - The sequel to C.J. Hosack's epic YA adventure, A Slayer's Magic, about an adopted young woman who searches for her parents in a world where magic is dictated by bloodline!
  • How To Operate Your Body: The Arms - The next book in William C. Tracy's nonfiction series on body mechanics, flexibility, and stretching. It's the manual for your body that life doesn't give you!
  • Only a Chapter - Heather Tracy, Space Wizard's expert copy editor, releases her debut scifi romance about two ways a woman's life could go, when different catastrophic events intervene!
  • Ardulum: Book 6 - The much awaited next book in the Ardulum saga, by J.S. Fields!
  • The Dissolutionverse TTRPG - Investigate strange worlds and use music-based magic in the TTRPG set in William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse series. Play as one of eleven species, press-your-luck die rolls, and 10-minute character generation!
  • Collector's Hardbacks - Choose from five great collections of stories: The Dissolution Cycle and Tales of the Dissolutionverse by William C. Tracy, Ardulum: Origins by J.S. Fields, and new additions The Biomass Conflux by William C. Tracy and The Audacity by Carmen Loup!

Start your Space Wizard adventure with a free book when you pledge in the first 48 hours!

Join 120 other people!

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