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The Entropic Isle — A Cypher System hack and setting book heavily inspired by Gods of the Fall and Mork Borg!

by Cypher Unlimited — AncientAlbatross

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The Entropic Isle changes some rules in Cypher System to create a deadlier game while streamlining character creation.
  • No foci — Characters gain magic abilities randomly from a list of “Chaos Magic” during character creation and as they advance.
  • Types are replaced by archetypes — Archetypes provide a strong base for characters by providing unique (sometimes rule-breaking) skills and abilities.
  • Descriptors have no mechanical benefit — Characters have a positive descriptor and a negative descriptor, neither provide any mechanical benefits. These are purely to aid roleplaying. There is also a Bad Habit table to further flesh out your character.
  • Inabilities can stack like trained/specialized, causing your character to have a detriment. If you have a detriment at a skill, that skill is hindered two steps.
  • Crits in combat
  • No tiers or advancements, in the traditional sense — Characters simply Get Better (or not). When this happens, they perform rolls against their character’s attributes.
  • Ultimate Abilities — Each Archetype has a no-cost Ultimate ability. This is a powerful ability that can usually only be used once per day.

These changes, along with the dark fantasy setting, will provide game masters and players with the perfect setup for playing out a gritty, deadly, magic-filled game.

Here are a few samples that showcase the book’s art direction and aesthetic:

What a starting character sheet would look like:

*NOTE: These images are NOT final and may change in the final product

The Entropic Isle will also have the following;

  • Convenient A5 size, bring chaos everywhere you go
  • Hardcover with 80+ pages of full color, with lots of full spread and full page art
  • How-to-Play section so this book is all you’ll need to play and run the game
  • Brand new artifacts and cyphers, along with a new type of item — cursed artifacts
  • Lots of random tables to help your gaming
  • Introductory adventure “The One Pure Human” (or “Don’t Wake Daddy!”)

Will you be overwhelmed by the chaos or will you find a way to survive?

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Are you ready to fight to survive?

Join 84 other people!

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