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by The Black Piper

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The Black Prism

Welcome, Fellow Drafters!

We are The Black Piper, a team of professional Hollywood composers. With the help of over 300 creative professionals and over 1700 backers, we produced Kaladin, an original book soundtrack inspired by Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings.

Recording the string section of a 70-piece orchestra for Kaladin

We love epic fantasy novels. We also love great movie soundtracks. But film soundtracks come with one disadvantage: they bring to mind someone else's vision of the world and the characters.

We seek to change that.

Introducing: The Black Prism: Lightbringer Album 1

Announcing The Black Prism, the next big Black Piper Project

With The Black Prism: Lightbringer Album 1, we aim to produce an official, original musical adaptation of Brent Weeks's The Black Prism that will allow you to discover and relive the story of the Seven Satrapies through the powerful lens of your own imagination.

Follow Kip and Gavin Guile as they become embroiled in the beginnings of a much larger war, through a musical journey that will take you from the depths of the Chromeria to the heights of Brightwater Wall and through secrets upon secrets.

The Black Piper Conducts the Orchestra in Prague

Stories connect us.
The magic excites us.
Music makes us feel.

We Need You

We need your help to fully realize the potential of this album - and the idea of book music in general. We have partnered with top-tier composers, musicians, and merchandise vendors, but we can only go so far.

Our goals include:
  • Recording the album with a world-class orchestra, choir, and soloists (very expensive!)
  • Producing a cinematic-style book score for each book in the series
  • Continuing to push forward the boundaries of innovation, and prove the idea of the book score/soundtrack; to pave the way for other composers; and provide fans of epic fantasy with exciting content and adaptations born from their, and our, favorite worlds

The stakes are high. It is only with your help that we can accomplish these things. Join us in changing the landscape of fantasy musical adaptations!

    ~ We compose the soundtrack to the movie in your imagination. ~

Praise For Kaladin by The Black Piper:

"I was very pleasantly blown away... Each track ebbs and flows with a perfect understanding of what it means to draw your listener to the brink of emotional exhaustion only to release them at the right moment for poignant comprehension."
- AJ Groth, Lionsgate

"A truly impressive and cohesive endeavor, the work as a whole paints a bold and unique picture."
- Julia Glausi, (Formerly at Endgame Entertainment)

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