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The Crossbows & Catapults you've been waiting for!

by Restoration Games

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We're proud to present our official restoration of the iconic 1983 Crossbows & Catapults game, brought to you by the restoration masters behind Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar, Return to Dark Tower, and Thunder Road Vendetta.
What sets our restoration apart is our unwavering commitment to superior engineering and attention to detail. Years of development have gone into perfecting every component, from the bricks to the re-engineered weapons, resulting in powerful, reliable, and incredibly fun gameplay that allows you to build real game skills.

What makes this restoration truly exceptional:

  1. Official Restoration: This is the Crossbows & Catapults you've been waiting for. Our team has faithfully restored the beloved 1983 original game, preserving its nostalgic charm while enhancing the gameplay for a modern audience.
  2. Expanded Building Variety: Experience a new level of creativity with more types of bricks, including a gate arch with a destructible drawbridge. Unleash your imagination as you construct unique fortresses and strategic defenses.
  3. Weapon Innovation: Say goodbye to rubber bands! Each weapon now has a unique firing profile, providing a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience. The spring-powered Catapult offers consistent firing power, while the launch angle adjuster allows for precise aiming. The pinch fire Crossbow offers flat trajectories, enabling low angle attacks that require skillful shot control. And introducing the new Trebuchet and Ballista, each equipped with exciting features to amplify the thrill of battle.
  4. Legendary Builds, Epic Destruction: Witness the awe-inspiring destruction as you unleash your weapons upon your opponents' fortifications. Strategize, aim, and release devastating attacks that will leave your adversaries in awe and rubble.
  5. Exclusive Backer Bonus: As a token of our appreciation, all backers will receive 2 special metallic-colored ammo discs for free. These unique additions will give you a special game boost and make your victories shine even brighter.

Join us on this epic journey and be part of reviving the legend of Crossbows & Catapults. Back our crowdfunding campaign now to secure your place in history and unlock a world of nostalgic fun and thrilling competition.

Remember, this is the REAL Crossbows & Catapults, and it's better than ever before. Don't miss your chance to experience the game you've always loved in a whole new way.

Let the battle begin!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 23,045 other people!

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