Get Ready for Dux Bellorum - The Age of Arthur

by Brittannia Game Designs Ltd

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We are pleased to bring to you Dux Bellorum, a rules expansion for Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition.   This will bring to the game the historical world  of Warlords, post Roman Britain, the period which gave birth to the stories of King Arthur.

This is a world of strife, where the people feel abandoned, told to look to their own devices to defend themselves from raiders, Picts, Scotti, Saxons and others.  In these dark times heroes rise, making names for themselves, familiar to us even now, Bedivere or Bedwvr, Gawaine or Gwaclhmai and Kay or Cai.

This is not the world of knights in shining armour (there are other games for that Arthur), this is the historical world as described by Gildas the monk.

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